Piter FM (2006). Three episodes. English subtitles.

This movie is the epitome of a modern Russian romance. It really captures the feel of that great city, as well as having a very Russian take on love and friendship.

Romantic comedy Piter FM falls into a category of so-called “films for mood”. The joy of living, the feeling of approaching love… and the beautiful city as one of the main “actors”.

The plot is simple. Masha is a radio DJ living in Russian “northern capital” St-Petersburg. She is going to marry her old school mate. Wedding dresses, cars, flowers - that’s her everyday trouble. Running in a hurry to meet her bride who would arrange another very important thing for the marriage, she loses a phone, and a young architect Maksim finds it. Maksim is about to leave for Germany in a few days, but he tries to give the phone back to its owner - several times arranging meetings but with no success…

First of all, the movie is beautifully shot. Piter (St-Petersburg) is a wonderful city with fantastic architecture. In the film, the city is bright, moving, a city with a smile - sometimes kind, sometimes sad or ironical. Don’t try to analyze the film, you just have to feel it. It’s like music, like an impressionistic picture - the main thing is to capture a short moment, to live for the moment and to enjoy.

Release Date: 20 April 2006 (Russia)

Episode one.

Episode two.

Episode three.


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