Prince Vladimir

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The film is about those times and events as a result of which the semi-military alliance of the heathen Slavic breeds have become Rus from the Baltic to the Black Sea. This transformation took place under the hand of Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir, from the clan of militant Rurik.

Vladimir’s father, Svyatoslav, sacked the khazars and on Equal talked to the powerful Byzantine emperor, Ioann Tsimishiy. Vladimir’s grand mother, princess Olga, also was held in respect of the Konstantinople’s court and the Patriarchy. With her iron hand she guided retinues from Kiev to Novgorod and in particular she forgot the chains of economic unity in Rus. But their son and grandson Prince Vladimir was at hand the more act: under his rule, the civilization was choice made - Orthodox Christianity became the state religion.

This was a choice that made Rus a mighty power. Several hundred churches were built over a period of 10-15 years in Prince Vladimir’s rule. None Christian power knew such paces of religious conversion. The reasons are returned: there is the richness of Rus throng and consent the people with their power and, it is astonishing, that Orthodox was after Russian people’s hearts. But nobody can really know what internal struggle what spiritual efforts and sorrows were experienced by Price Vladimir, the heathen from birth, lived the greater part of his life in the heathenism.

Title: Prince Vladimir (Knyaz Vladimir. Film pervyy)
Director: Yuri Kulakov
Release Date: 23 February 2006 (Russia)


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