Shadow Boxing 2 - Trailer Two

The sequel to Russian blockbuster “Shadow boxing”.

Plot Summary:
When Artem Kolchin, Denis Nikiforov, arrives in the U.S. to fight for the championship, he soon finds himself fighting for his life after he sends a young, aggressive boxer, who provokes him into sparring, into a coma and ultimately killing him. That is when Artem finds out that the young boxer was none other than the only son of Felix Mendez, the powerful Mexican mafia kingpin, played masterfully by Victor Herminio Lopez, and when the real fight begins.

Title: “Shadow boxing 2″ (Boy s tenyu)
Director: Anton Megerdichev
Writer: Aleksei Sidorov
Cinematographer: Anton Antonov, Cory Clay (co-director of photography)
Release Date: 18 October 2007 (Russia)
Cast: Pietro Arpesella (Marek), Jeremy Batiste (Diego), Giovanni Bejarano (Marco), Jeffrey De Serrano (Manuel), Rico Devereaux (Thug), Victor Lopez (Felix Mendez), Mariano Mendoza (Gangster), Denis Nikiforov (Artem Kolchin), Alvaro Orlando (Cesar Mendez), Anthony Ray Parker (Buddy McDeere), Michael-John Wolfe (Policeman)


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